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EPS (Thermocol) Industrial Packaging


The properties that make expandable polystyrene an excellent packaging material are:


  • Extraordinary combination of lightness, rigidity and shock absorption.
  • Unique snow-white color and softness.
  • Resistance to moisture and weathering.
  • Being tasteless and odorless, it does not harbour fungus.
  • Can be moulded to any desired shape with designs and trade name embossed.

These advantages have earned the product worldwide patronage in packaging applications. Beside packaging application product is used in lifebuoys, fishing nets, floating bridges, buoyancy blocks of expandable polystyrene fitted in boats make them virtually unsinkable.


Industrial Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning:

Most manufacturer industries involve processing, storage and transport of special products at controlled low temperature ranging from freezing to below 0 degree C like the manufacturers of chemicals, petrochemical, fertilizers, drugs, pharmaceuticals, synthetic yarn, electronic, optical and precision goods. Failure of temperature control at any stage of the technical process could affect the functioning of all interlinked operations and bring the whole production to a standstill. Therefore, any compromise on the quality of thermal insulation material that one may be tempted to make on the basis of initial cost will prove disastrous as it may lead to loss of production or quality of the product. Reliability dictates that only the best insulation material should be used in these fields.


Thermal Insulation in Transport:

Refrigerated railway wagons for fish, tankers for liquids, insulated trucks for road transportation of ice-cream, milk and other foods including refrigerated cargo holds in ships. Insulated containers like ice buckets, fish boxes, transport containers for dry ice, frozen vaccine, blood plasma medicine are examples of thermal insulation being used to preserve and protect the large variety of heat sensitivity goods during transport from place to place in adverse weather conditions.


EPS Is Best choice:

Expandable Polystyrene is the superior, low temperature thermal insulation for insulation of building, cold stores and industrial insulation because of its low thermal conductivity backed up by its “Closed Cell” structure. A natural defence against moisture penetration. EPS being lighter material is easier to transport, store, handle and fix.